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Looking for Onam Sadya. Onam is Kerala’s most celebrated festival. Its not only celebrated in Kerala its considered as a national festival. Sadya is one of the tasty food that available in India, No doubt in that and has many Sadya vibhavangal in it.  The Onam is mainly become an attractions in the southern part of India. But now this has become a global phenomenon that the people in Europe, USA & also in Middle East they make a wide varieties of extravaganza by all means. First Day of Onam was Called Uthradam, followed by the second and most important Onam 2020 that is the Thiruvonam, As followed by the Avittom and the last and the final Onam is considered as Chathayam.

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Onam Sadya 2020 is like a feast for those who attending this social. Everyone is eagerly waiting to have their meals in the paddy leaves. Having the food in the paddy leaves are part of a culture. All the members in a family will join together and sit on the floor to have their Onam food Recipes.Onam Sadhya 2020.

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Mainly consist of Rice which is served with many side dishes. All before the first thing that has to place in the leaf is the fried snacks such as Unniyappam, Upperi ( Banana Chips), Sarkaravaratty (Made of Sharkara And Banana). The Next combination to be placed is the pickle items such as Inji (Ginger), Nellika Achar (Gooseberry), Mango Pickle etc. In additionwith with side dishes like (Special In Kerala) Aviyal, Thoran, Vellarikka Pachadi, Koottu Curry, Beetroot Pachadi etc. Then after all these the rice has to poured into the Banana leaves (Vazhayila) followed by Parippu Curry (Daal), Sambar( Veg Mix Curry), And Curd with Parpidagam. After having all these different kinds of deserts can be supplied. Onam Sadhya 2018.

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The main Onam Sadya desert is Pal Payasam (Milk Desert), Sarakara Payasam with Kadhali Pazham (a kind of banana).  Onam Sadhya is considered as the biggest feast in the Indian tradition. This whole process is quite a big attractions for children and adults because the trend never changes. Onam still maintains the decorum in the place of Indian Tradition.  More: Onam Images 2020Onam Sadya 2017, onam sadya vibhavangal