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10 Simple Athapookalam Designs 2022

Athapookalam is a floral artwork created with beautiful and colourful flowers in Kerala during the Onam Days. It is also known as Onapookkalam. Athapookalam or just Pookkalam Designs 2022 is a flower carpet that is laid particularly at the entrances of houses and temple premises like a flower mat in the harvest festival of Onam Season.  Athapookalam Designs 2022 is made out of gathered blossoms with several varieties of flowers of different colors, and sizes which are then pinched or cut into small pieces which are then laid on design patterns on floors.

Simple Athapookalam Designs Onam 2022

Simple Athapookalam Designs 2022

Athapookalam Or Onam Pookalam is typically made by girls and women by laying out a Pookalam design on the floor. Which is then filled with flowers of complementing colors. Pookalams are laid out on every single day of the ten-day festival and as the days pass, they get bigger and better. Flowers used for making these intricate carpets are called ‘Atthapoov’. ‘Poov’ stands for flower. And ‘Kalam’ stands for design and the ‘Pookalam’ is intricately tied to the grand festivities. A traditional design of Athapookalam consists of curved and symmetrical lines joined together inside a circle. The circle is the most common design for an Onapookkalam.

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Athapookalam Designs 2020

How to make Athapookalam Designs 2022

First, settle in on a design and buy the flowers accordingly. Either the whole flowers or only the petals can be used to make Athapookalam Or Onam Pookkalam.

Simple Athapookalam Designs 2020

Step 1: Separate the petals of all the flowers cleanly by using either hand or scissors and sort and store them in separate bins or trays making sure not to mix it with other colors.

Simple Athapookalam 2020 Designs

Latest Onam Pookalam Designs 2022

Onam 2020 pookkalam

Onam 2020 Pookalams

Onam 2020 pookkalam design

Athapookalam Designs 2020


Step 2: Draw the outline design on the floor using chalk and mark out which colors go where. Then start arranging the petals in its assigned space constantly referring to the design. Start from the center for a more clean look. The size and embossment of the Pookkalam can be reduced or increased with the availability of flowers.

Athapookalam 2020

Step 3: To finish off the process, you can place a Hindu lamp or a bloomed lotus at the very center of the Pookkalam.We Will Update More Simple Atha Pookalam Designs 2022 Here Jilphin Jose