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Onam Dress Style 2018, Onakodi , Saree

Only Few Days Left for Onam 2018, Are you ready to celebrate this onam. Today we post about Onam Dress Style 2018. Here we add various onam Costumes for both men and women. Everyone buy Onakodi for onam check these styles too.

Onam is a harvest festival in Kerala, India. Onam is incomplete without new clothes called ‘Onakodi’ or ‘onapudava’. kodi means new and pudava means clothe in Malayalam.  It’s a custom in which the elder member of the family gifts onakodi to the younger ones. During onam the rich will gift new clothes to the needy.

Onam Dress Style 2018, Onakodi , Onapudava

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Weavers go for excess production to increase demand for their products. Handloom fairs are an integral part of the spirit of onam. Kasavu mundu, kasavu saree, hand woven clothes are Kasavu mundu, kasavu saree, hand woven clothes are in high demand.

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Onam Dress Style 2017

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It is during the onam season men can be seen in mundu- shirt, women will be in set-saree or Kerala saree, young girls will be in pattu pavaada, and boys will be in mundu- shirt. Now a days, people also gifts modern dress as onakodi for convenience and utility.