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Onam 2019 Date Images, Pictures

Onam 2019 start with First Onam (Onnam Onam ) is on 10th September 2019 which is tuesday. And Thiruvonam is on 11th September (Thiru Onam)  is on wednesday. Onam 2019 Date, Images, Pictures. Onam is a festival of joy , dance,colors and fellowship. Though its deeply connected to the people in God’s own country called Kerala, it is known as the festival of mankind. Onam is the one of the most important festival of Kerala. It’s a harvest festival and is celebrated with joy and excitement all around the country by individuals of all communities. Onam is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, whose soul is believed to pay a visit to Kerala during Onam season.

It brings out the traditions and culture of Kerala and joins all the people together irrespective of their religion and other cultural diversities. It usually comes in the end of the monsoon season and is also known as ‘harvest festival’. This season denotes the beginning of the Malayalam calendar as it starts with the month Chingam. Only few days left for onam 2019. Kerala is getting reday to celebrate this onam.

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Onam 2019 Date Images, Pictures

onam 2019

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The celebration is not just for one or two days, it lasts for 10 days where the first day is known as Atham and the last day as Thiruvonam. There are many myths about Onam from Hindu mythologies and out of which the famous one is linked to the homecoming of the legendary King named Mahabali from the underworld, to see his people once in a year as he had got only that wish as granted.

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Onam 2019 Date, Images, Pictures

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Onam is a very special season as it will be vibrant and colorful everywhere. People make it a point to decorate their houses, offices, schools and colleges with Pookalams (floral carpets), which is one of the eye capturing sight during this season and everyone get new clothes which is called as Onakodi . Various activities will also be held everywhere to add more fun to it. Activities like Vadamvali, Chakkilottam are common among them. Beautiful dance forms such as Kathakali, Pullikali are a common sight during this season.It is also a custom for the women to wear traditional attire named saree and to do various dance forms. Another main highlight of this season is the Onasadhya which is a grand meal which comprises of more than 10 kerala traditional dishes and will be served on the banana leaves and eaten while everyone sit on the floor. Vallamkali is another spectacular event happens during this season in the Pampa river, where more than 100 skilled oarsmen will row their boat together to win the race.

Onam 2019 is for all the people, regardless of their caste and creed. Be it a hindu, a muslim or a Christian, the rich or the poor, it is one of the celebration which promotes equality as people come together to celebrate. The love and fellowhip that this season gives be prospered in all generations to come. Enjoy the season to its fullest. Happy Onam to all. Onam 2019 Date, Images, Pictures.