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Onam 2017: Date, Photos, Wishes

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Here We Post about Onam 2017. Here you can find Onam Wishes. and Onam Pookalam 2017 Designs. Kerala is the land of festivals. There is no other people in the world will celebrate any festivals more than keralites. When it came to festivals, the only thing in the prime position is the onam. Onam is the festival of dreams and myth.

Onam never be based on myths it is based on believes and attitude. The onam can only be served as the biggest festival in the entire kerala. Onam is celebrated as the return of the mythical king Mahabali who makes his visit to Kerala from Paathalam (Hell) once in an year to look up his peasants whether they live in happiness and prosperity after ditched by Vamana avathar of lord Mahavishnu (god).

When Onam 2017 Date

onam 2017

Onam Festival starts from a countdown of 10 days from “Atham” . From Atham day ownwards the children and women in house makes athapookalam (designs made up of flowers) as respectful belief to old golden days of Mahabali.

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The first onam day is Uthradam, but it has less importance. It is considered as the preparation day for making up the next day something big and unforgettable. This year Uthradam was in 3rd September 2017 which is sunday. The second onam day and the countdown from Atham ends and the most important onam is the THIRUVONAM. This day is most important onam day and on this day. This year THIRUVONAM was in 4rd September 2017 which is moday.

The family and all get together to have the Onam Sadya with different varieties of kerala style food etc which had in plantain leaves. The main attractions in onasadhaya is Payasam ( Pudding) which is very tasty and memorable. chips made up off banana and Sharkaravaratti ( Sweet Made Of Banana) were made with great enthusiastic mind. The third onam is Avittam, this onam is were mainly people travel to friends and families houses for having the best onam celebrations and also feel to have like a get together mood. The last and the final onam is the Chadhayam. This onam is very much important for the people who were belong to backward community they celebrate this onam as the biggest onam according to their concept. Some people use non veg food items among the onasadhya. They also have some very clinical art forms relating to ancient India’s “Kolam” and some surprise events.

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